In my vector graphics class we were given the assignment to create a two wheeled vehicle vector. I chose to do an old Yamaha motorcycle. I would love to own this motorcycle. It would be so much fun at an engagement or couples photoshoot. Instead a vector of it will have to suffice. I would love to put a quote on this and hang it in my apartment.


I knew the exact bike I wanted to vectorize so when I was working on my sketches I tried a couple different angles. I enjoyed putting details of shadow into my sketches as I worked on the parts.



The image below shows the start to this project. I was really excited about my progress I wanted to share. I added the text and posted it on Facebook. The text distracts from the unfinished motorcycle. It was fun to receive feedback from my friends. For my final bike submission I deleted the text and gave it a grey background with shadows under the wheels. I didn’t want the text to compete with bike for the final piece.



Below is my final motorcycle. This would be fun to hang in a little boys room or it could look more feminine for a hallway in the home if it was made more like my draft above. The struggles of this project were deciding how I wanted the motorcycle to be lit. I chose to have the light come from up above and a little to our left. It gives the motorcycle a little dimension. Overall this was a very enjoyable project.

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