I’ve titled my infographic Bulbs of Beauty. This infographic is going to be all about tulips. Some of the facts I will include will be when they became popular, what other uses they had, how they affected the economy. I am pretty passionate about tulips. Look above at my logo and you’ll find one tulip. I’ve been to a tulip festival and seen the thousands of rows of tulips. Many people photograph tulips and enjoy looking at them, but back in the 1600’s they were worth as much as a nice house.


Below are photographs of a couple of my favorite sketches. My favorite sketch is the plate with a fork and knife on it. Tulips used to be used for food. They used it in bread during WWII. It also can be used to make wine and salad dressing.

The photo on the right has a fun sketch of a bunny. A few friends suggested I hide the bunny behind the tulip leaf on my infographic. I love that idea. Bunny rabbits eat tulips so I will add that to cautions for tulips.

KaylieConnolly_Infographic_Tulips_Design (1 of 3)



During my advanced visual media class today we brainstormed ideas that related to our topic. My classmates listed pink, easter, dirt and red. These colors might change as I start making vectors. The bottom of the infographic will have dirt and show the tulip bulb at the bottom with it’s root showing. Then the stem of the tulip will come up, but the petals will not be in the graphic. As I mentioned above the bunny will be coming up over the leaf.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.36.18 PM

Mid week grade:

This week I would give myself an A. After attending class today I felt very prepared. I’ve been researching tulips and know very much information about my topic. I’ve been sketching ideas the last week and have started to vectorize a few of my ideas.

Project Timeline

Oct 7 (Wed) –  Research and start sketching information with images
Oct 9 (Fri) – Get feedback on sketches – Refine and simplify sketches
Oct 12 (Mon) – Choose colors
Oct 13 (Wed) – Start Vectorizing images
Oct 24 (Sat) – Clean up and revise vector graphics
Oct 26 (Mon) – Review and add any finishing touches
Oct 28 (Wed) – Present Identity Project

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