Even when you work full time and there is no “summer break”, it is still the BEST time of year! When you get home from work the sun stays out for a few hours! Now that it’s January you’re lucky if you can see the sun for a half hour once you get home. I soaked up last summer as much as I could. I went on hikes, watched fireworks, and swam. I didn’t make much time for work once I got home from my day job. When I got home from work I didn’t want to spend much time in front of my computer so when I needed to create a poster for the summer activity I created a vector out of one of my photographs!

I took the top photograph up Cottonwood Canyon. I brightened the image, added a filter, turned it into a vector, and then added the text. It was a quick easy way to advertise the YSA summer activity!

LittleCottonwood (69 of 72)



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