In my advanced visual media class we were assigned to find our style. I started to do this did this by browsing Pinterest. I’m a photographer, painter and designer so I would like to create a universal logo.

Below is one of my favorites because it is simple and it states the name of the artist. I want to use my logo on my images. If it’s only my initials viewers won’t be able to trace my photographs back to me. I would like a rounded rectangle instead of a circle though. I would also add a little color. Some of the other logo’s I enjoyed had pops of color or little graphics such as an ice cream cone for a Gelato company.

To see more of my pins click here.

Social Media Survey

Another part of our Identity project was to see what our social media friends thought of us. It was very enjoyable to read how other’s viewed my character. Comments I got were:  sweet(6), photographer(5), talented(4), artist(3), smile(3), happy(2),  kind(2), adorable(2), friendly(2), thoughtful, watercolor painter, intelligent, beautiful, cute, hardworking, peacemaker, talented, true friend, flowers, positive, bright, enjoyable, and cheery.

I was happy to learn that people perceive me how I want to be perceived. I try my hardest to be the way I am perceived. I try my hardest to always be kind, friendly, sweet and happy. It made me glad to hear a few people say they loved my smile. The definition for sweet from google is “pleasing in general; delightful” It was be an honor to be thought of as sweet!


Many of my facebook friends have been and continue to be my clients in my photography business. This semester I’m going to try to expand my clientele to design clients. I will still continue to capture portraits and weddings, but I would also enjoy capturing homes. After I graduate I think a perfect fit for me would be to work for a real estate company where I can photograph the homes they’re selling and also be able to be a designer for them. Creating home ads, open houses and helping them make their websites look pleasing. I would also be interested in working for a beauty or food company.

My current logo is advertising only photography so I will be rebranding everything which is exciting!

My timeline:

Sep 19 (Sat): sketch 30 logo’s

Sep 20 (Sun): get feedback and refine & simplify sketches

Sep 21 (Mon): choose colors

Sep 22 (Tue): vectorize three logos

Sep 23 (Wed): Clean up and revise

Sep 26 (Sat): All three logos finished for review and refinement

Sep 28 (Mon): Present Identity Project

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