Hello! It has been a while! Life has been flying right on by. Two weeks ago I posted a little photography update on my photography instagram (@kayliecphoto):

“Oh hello, I’ve been hiding from this feed for a while now. I’m not giving you my “two weeks notice” in this post because I’ll always be a photographer. I love capturing the best moments and creations in this world. I love finding people’s best side. I love seeing things in good light. I love having something to preserve memories. I will always love those aspects of being a photographer. The last little while I’ve been thinking about why I wanted to be a professional photographer. I think for a long time I thought it made me seem “cool”. Photographers are pretty cool! I love my photo friends.

When it comes down to the reality of being a photo business owner…it isn’t really me right now. ?Does that mean I can’t be part of my photoGNO club? I hope not. How have I come to thinking this way? Is it from being around acquaintance that openly say they don’t value photography? Because of the stage I’m at in my life? Because editing others Kodak moments often makes me feel lonely? Because being a photographer IS personal? Hearing other photographers client horror stories? Because it’s not a secure career?

Maybe the answer to all those questions is yes. The reality is that I kinda like my day job. I like getting home at five and having the night to myself. The hours are great. I like the steady paychecks. I like designing. I like having coworkers around. I like that it’s not so personal. I don’t feel offended. It’s not stressful most the time. I feel appreciated often. Sure it’s not my dream job, but that’s because frankly my dream job is to be a homemaker and paint during my kids naps. And of course to photograph those kids alot alot. That’s why I wanted to learn photography in the first place. To capture my own family.

This post kinda feels like I’m going on a “break” with photography. Photography and I are just “friends” for right now. I’ll always be there for my loyal golden clients! I still love you photography ? I’m just figuring things out. I’m taking pictures for myself again.”

I’ve felt good about that post! I don’t really want to be a business owner, but I do want to be a photographer! I can definitely do that. It’s good to reevaluate my relationship with photography. After posting that on instagram all my photo friends gave me some affirmation. The photography community is so great!

Now today, two weeks after that post, I received an email about this picture of the SanDiego temple! This image is going to be on the temple schedule for 2017. Whoa! I can’t believe it! My seventeen year old self never thought this would happen! I feel so blessed and flattered. It’s reminded me of what photography is all about!

Back when I was seventeen years old we went to visit the SanDiego LDS Temple. My brother and I went and did baptisms and then we walked the temple grounds and then took pictures. When I first started photography I did that often. Temples were my favorite subject. Now after taking photography classes I understand why certain pictures turned out and some didn’t. The light that day right at that moment was perfect! I’ve received emails from Young Women in the last few years asking if they could print it for their handouts. The views on this blog post way back in 2011 were my highest. I always feel so flattered when I get those emails! Young women have this image in their room? That just warms my heart. LDS Temples bring me so much peace. I love being able to see a temple all over my home.

That is why I do photography. I want people to feel good. To appreciate the blessings we have around us. It’s not about money, popularity, followers, etc. I did photography because I looovveeed capturing the beauty Heavenly Father has blessed us with.

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