Project 4 Montage

Project 4 Montage

Section: 2

Top 3 Things learned:

1.  I learned how to change opacity when using the brush tool.

2. I learned how to blend two images together very gradually.

3. I learned that it’s very important to add contrast to your text.

Font #1 (called and serve) Ever After- Sans Serif

Font #2 (to)

Description: I wanted to use photo’s from the missionary photo session I had. I decided to mask them together. The pillars are similar so they really blended well together.
1- I opened the left image into photoshop and then placed the right photo in.
2- I made both layers a mask
3- I blended them with the black brush (zero hardness) until they looked good.
4- I put in the text
5-I used the rectangle tool to make the box
6- I used the eye dropper tool to get the same color as the cardigan and filled the box in with the paint bucket.
7- I cropped the image to 8.5 x 11

8- For the filter I sharpened her eyes.

Sources (link to blog post of mission picture i took)

blogg blog

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