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I’ve chose to redesign the equate gummy vitamins. These vitamins are the Walmart brand. I’ve been looking into jobs after graduation and Melaleuca is hiring graphic designers. A vitamin bottle would be the perfect item to incorporate into my portfolio.


These vitamins are for children, but the parents are the buyer. I will make the design of this project reach out to mothers. It will be a cute classy design that will stand out. The age of the mothers will be from 25 to 40. The children target group is ages 4 to 9.


The equate logo was redesigned in 2010. It is part of the top brands that people are likely to purchase from at Walmart. This logo is see all over Walmart. My focus will be to incorporate it on the gummy vitamins bottle. The text needs to be updated and modernized. The bears on the design are not bad, but they look out of date.

My goal:

The goal I have for this product is to increase sells. When looking at the row of gummy vitamins for sale at Walmart the equate brand of multivitamins does not stand out. I want to add more color to the white label. I want the children to beg their parents for this brand. The equate brand of vitamins is the cheaper option, but sometimes the little critters brand wins because of the appealing colors.


I’ve created a Product Redesign board on Pinterest. I’ve pinned some clean sleek ideas for how I can improve the look of children’s vitamins. The bright contrast of colors is the look I’m going for.

Project Timeline:

November 1-6:  Start sketching labels and logos
November 7 : Work on general brand and style guide
November 8-10 : Start vectorizing in Illustrator
November 11-12 : Refine vectors and working on book in InDesign
November 13-18  – Finalize all designs, format for printing, and start test printing
November 19: Photograph final product
November 21: Finish, print, and bind booklet.
November 24  – Turn in final project
December 1  – Make and turn in video.

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