The Label

This week I finished my label. I changed the background pattern and color. The white didn’t look as professional. The contrast of the blue and mauve color is more appealing. I also made the supplement facts have a white tint behind. That way it’s easy to read. The draft label below would appeal more to little kids, but a parent would be more likely to buy the dark colored vitamins.


Using natural light I photographed the vitamins. I put my reflector on the side to light the other side of the bottle. Then I also took photo’s of the bottle with Christmas lights for my magazine ad.

RedesignPackage (3 of 3)
RedesignPackage (2 of 3)

Christmas Ad:

When I photographed the bottle for my Christmas advertisement I set my aperture at 2.2 in order to have bokeh Christmas lights in the background. I also had my reflector on the side of it. The reflector bounced light from the window back on the bottle. I then imported this photo into Lightroom to edit.

RedesignPackage (1 of 3)


The biggest challenges for this project have been taking the sticker off of the bottle. I used fingernail polish remover, liquid laundry soap, witch hazel, and acetone. The surface now feels smooth instead of sticky.

Project Timeline:

This weekend I am going to finish this project. I’ve purchased a Holiday magazine to photograph my ad design inside. This project will be completed by Tuesday to turn in.

November 1-6:  Start sketching labels and logos
November 7 : Start vectorizing in Illustrator
November 8-10 : Work on general brand and style guide
November 11-12 : Refine vectors and working on book in InDesign
November 13-18  – Finalize all designs, format for printing, and start test printing
November 19: Photograph final product
November 21: Finish, print, and bind booklet.
November 24  – Turn in final project
December 1  – Make and turn in video.

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