Social Media Survey

I started sketching these logos soon after doing a survey on my social media page for my Identity project. The purpose of the survey was to see what people first thought when they thought of me. That way I could incorporate my personality into my logo. Some people said cutesy, flowers, and photographer. Tulips are one of my favorite flower. They’re my favorite thing to doodle and paint so they had to be included in my logo.


I practiced drawing tulips with many different logos in Adobe Illustrator. Part of the requirements for the final logo are to have a graphic in once of them. There is at least one graphic for each logo. The bottom logo I traced my own hand writing instead of using a font.

KaylieConnolly_LogoDesign (1 of 1)


logosketches kaylieconnolly

As you can see from my vector drafts, each logo includes a tulip and many rounded edges. I decided to simplify each logo in my final design that you will find in the next post.


Sep 19 (Sat): sketch 30 logo’s
Sep 20 (Sun): get feedback and refine & simplify sketches
Sep 22: choose colors
Sep 23: start vectorizing logos
Sep 25: have all logos vectorized
Sept 28 – All three logos finished for review and refinement
Sept 29 – Present Identity Project
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