The last two weeks I’ve designed a website layout for my dessert icons. I decided to title the website Lion Squared Catering CO. These are the desserts they serve at The Lion House on Temple Square so since the company doesn’t really exist I combined the two names. I wanted this website to look clean and simple. I used the three icons to create the quick button/links to pages that would be used more than others. The purpose of this website would be to learn information on hiring this catering company, but the written content is only about the icons.



After I decided on my website name I was really excited to make the logo. I thought it would be clever to make the lion out of squares to match the name, but they didn’t feel unified with my icons. There aren’t really any squares used in my desserts. As I looked at my tart I realized that it kind of looked like a lion mane.

First Drafts:

Second Drafts:

As I looked closer at my circular desserts I realized that I could make many of them look like lions. I practiced creating a few, then chose my final mane. The logo is pretty simple. I adjusted the chin and added ears to give the logo a more defined feel to look like a lion.




This all started with with a few simple sketches. It evolved into something a web designer could create code for. The process took sketching, creating vectors and receiving feedback from in order to make a finished product.

kconnolly_WebsiteSketches kconnolly_WebsiteDraft











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