Infographic Idea:

In my Advanced Visual Media class our assignment is to create an infographic. At first I was thinking I would research baldness. That sounds like an odd topic, but it’s one I often wonder about. I feel bad for the poor guys in their twenties that are really balding, but I decided I’m much more passionate about tulips. The infographic has a few interesting facts about tulips. I’ve attended the Woodburn Tulip Festifal in Oregon so I’ve learned some facts about tulips. They came from Holland and used to be worth very much money.

Title & Information:

The title of my will be something like The History of Tulips, Tulip 101, or probably my favorite title Bulbs of Beauty. I’ll include fun facts about tulips such as you can use a tulip bulb as a onion substitute. How much they were worth, why they are so famous in Holland, how many different kinds of tulips there are, where they bloom, etc.


See project timeline below infographic



Project Timeline

Oct 7 (Wed) –  Research and start sketching information with images
Oct 9 (Fri) – Get feedback on sketches – Refine and simplify sketches
Oct 12 (Mon) – Choose colors, fonts, etc
Oct 14 (Wed) – Vectorize images
Oct 24 (Sat) – Clean up and revise vector graphics
Oct  26 (Mon) – Review and add any finishing touches
Oct 28 (Wed) – Present Identity Project

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