This week I made great progress on my infographic. The colors I was using before were too saturated. The infographic was unpleasing to look at. This week I made the colors more neutral. As I started putting the infographic together I was able to use the eyedropper to easily change the colors.


My favorite part of my infographic is the bunny below. I used the ellipse and shape builder tool to create this bunny. I changed the brightness of a few of the shapes to give the bunny more depth. The eyes have a little catchlight to give the bunny more light and depth. Lastly I added a fluffy tail. No bunny is complete without their tail.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.19.09 PM

Carolus Clusius

Ever since I started researching tulips I was really excited to create a graphic of Carolus Clusius. The 1600s attire looked like fun to replicate. Carolus Clusius was the man who founded the “broken” tulips. Broken meaning they weren’t the typical solid pattern tulip. They had feathery petals and stripes. People tried to steal his tulips because they were worth so much money. Carolus Clusius was said to have been the one to start the tulip mania. He was an influential man to the 1600s tulip mania. I used the shape builder tool to create him. Then I chose colors from the utensils, bunny and dirt for his skin and neck decoration.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 2.58.41 PM

Infographic Draft

Part of the requirements for this infographic is to source your information. At the very bottom in the dirt I will put links to where I found this information. The colors in my design are consistent. I’ve used the large petal as a background for each category of information. I’m not sure which font I would like to use for my body. Both of the fonts are being displayed below, but I will pick one for the final infographic. I am also unsure of how to lay out the information. It’s still a work in progress, but it has come a long way since last week.


Project Timeline

Oct 7 (Wed) –  Research and start sketching information with images
Oct 9 (Fri) – Get feedback on sketches – Refine and simplify sketches
Oct 12 (Mon) – Choose colors
Oct 13 (Wed) – Start Vectorizing images
Oct 24 (Sat) – Clean up and revise vector graphics
Oct 26 (Mon) – Review and add any finishing touches
Oct 28 (Wed) – Present Identity Project


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