The last two weeks I’ve been working on a T-Shirt design. I wanted to create a design that I would wear and represented my personality. As a wedding and portrait photography I am definitely a food for love. I am a big fan of seeing people in love. At a girls night you will find me in front of a good chick flick. In simpler words I am often found smitten.


Before I settled on the “i’m s’mitten” design I was throwing around other ideas. The only time I ever wear t-shirts is when I work out. Work out shirt ideas I were:

“I work out because punching people is frowned upon.”

“I’m just a cupcake looking for my stud muffin.”

“I just want ABSolutely all the cookies.”

“I run for ice cream.”

See those phrases in the sketches below. I also thought about doing an owl because I am up late every night, but I’m glad I chose the wintery mitten.





I made many slight modifications as I created this mitten. At first the wrist came out from the thumb. Then I made it shorter and made the top asymmetrical. The final mitten an angles top. Our fingers are not all the same length so I wanted to represent a realistically shaped mitten.  If I were to sell these t-shirts I would give a few different color options.

Sweater Texture:

In Adobe Illustrator I started creating many different patterns. I wanted the mitten to look like a sweater. I used the “star” shape and used the arrows to make a triangle. I created two triangles and then used the shape builder. Next time I create a pattern for a t-shirt I will decide on colors first. It’s trickier to switch colors in a pattern rather than just the shape.

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