This month I’ve been working on redesigning the equate Children’s Gummy Bear Multivitamin’s bottle. You can see the progression of this project here. I’ve narrowed down my colors, but I’m not sure which color I would like to use for the main bottle. The mauve bear might make the stand out more.



Style Guide:

Using Adobe Illustrator I created a pattern out of the bear heads. I also created a brush out of them. The bear brush looks like a string of Christmas lights. I’ll use them to create a Christmas ad. Children really need their vitamins around Christmas. The main use for the pattern is in my booklet. My booklet is coming together.


I’m creating my booklet in InDesign. InDesign is a great program to use when making a unified booklet. I’ve placed the pattern that was created in Illustrator on the master pages. The master pages help keep the design of your booklet unified. Applying the same background to every page also saves time. The pattern placed behind everything is at a 5% opacity. The background shouldn’t be distract the viewer from the main content.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 5.20.05 PM

Project Timeline:

November 1-6:  Start sketching labels and logos
November 7 : Start vectorizing in Illustrator
November 8-10 : Work on general brand and style guide
November 11-12 : Refine vectors and working on book in InDesign
November 13-18  – Finalize all designs, format for printing, and start test printing
November 19: Photograph final product
November 21: Finish, print, and bind booklet.
November 24  – Turn in final project
December 1  – Make and turn in video.


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