The Background:

This product redesign project is just getting started. This is an assignment for my advanced visual media class at BYU-Idaho. I can honestly say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the majority of my assignments I’ve had while attending BYU-Idaho. I’m an integrated studio art major and a visual communications minor. My classes have all fit together like a puzzle. Even my head drawing class has improved my design skills. Head drawing helped me learn the structure of an object and how to define light and shadow. The design rules apply to every medium: oil painting, watercolor, ceramics, photography and graphic design.

The Logo Draft:

After drawing out my sketches I started vectorizing my logo. It was honestly so much fun to create. At first I started out with a triangle nose:

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 6.12.41 PM

The triangle nose did not look right. I googled bears to see what they actually looked like. An actual bear’s nose barely pulls down to make a slight triangle. I started over with the face and made it more simple. The shadows behind the eyes in the thumbnail could possible still turn into a nice logo, but it wasn’t the look I was going for.

The Logo:

The main logo that I will use will be the big bear in the image below. I set the bear on the other blank bear heads because those are the main colors. I will be using them for my whole redesign project. I’m not sure which color I want the main bear to be. They all look nice.

Next week I will be starting the booklet that will contain the style guide.I could switch head colors in my booklet for each section. On the main package there won’t be bear heads behind the logo…unless I lower the opacity immensely. That might be a fun background, but I would make sure it wasn’t distracting.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 2.47.00 PM

Why those colors?

In my previous blog post I mentioned some of the colors ideas I had. The little bear heads at the top and bottom of the bear picture will be my main colors. These colors are a little different than the colors I normally use. These colors will appeal to mothers and little boys. I feel that these are classy enough for mothers and fun enough for children.

Project Timeline:

November 1-6:  Start sketching labels and logos
November 7 : Start vectorizing in Illustrator
November 8-10 : Work on general brand and style guide
November 11-12 : Refine vectors and working on book in InDesign
November 13-18  – Finalize all designs, format for printing, and start test printing
November 19: Photograph final product
November 21: Finish, print, and bind booklet.
November 24  – Turn in final project
December 1  – Make and turn in video.

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