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The Watch Project:

For this project I chose to vectorize a Kate Spade watch with the fox on it. I wanted to create a classy yet cute watch. The fox added a touch of myself to this project. The image above is right before I added the finishing touches. The fox had so many details. The photo above is missing the furry white stomach. While working on a project it’s important to walk away from it for a little while and come back so that you can see what is missing.


To start this project I sketched some of my ideas out. I saw a Up watch with balloons on pinterest. I also thought it would be fun if the watch face had a fox tail on it. A golfing watch with the club as a hand would also be fun to create, but I found a watch online to base mine off of instead. I drew different angles to help myself understand all aspects of the watch.



Some of the biggest challenges I had with this watch were the numbers. The edges have many different values because the numbers are raised up slightly. My numbers have four layers to create a raised up look. One layer is a slight gradient, the shadow, the main color and the highlights. In order to give this watch the look of gold I used gradients and the color picker.

Final Watch:



This project stretched my skills and helped me learn more about gradients. Keeping my layers very organized in Adobe Illustrator helps me keep my project clean an organized. I’m easily able to find the object I’m looking for. Having a clean layers palette helps me easily go back to adjust shapes I’ve already created.

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