Final Three Logos:kconnolly_Finallogos

Before I created my logo I did a survey on Facebook to see what people thought of when they thought of me. I got responses like adorable, cute, beautiful, flowers, photographer and artist. I wanted to incorporate those descriptions into my logo in a professional way. The top logo is my handwriting. The tulips on this logo were a struggle to create. The default opacity says it’s 100%, but it’s opaque. My professor Lybbert taught me to go to Object-Expand Object then Object-Ungroup a few times. That helped create a darker opacity. I do really like this logo, but I think the other’s look more professional.

The second logo started out as a circle, but I think the circle would go out of style faster than a simple logo. I created the tulip using a thicker solid brush that would match the font. I also edited the type so that the cursive lines were continuous.

I’ve been using the bottom logo for my photography page this year. I will gradually transfer my favorite photography posts to this website. These logo’s go really well together if that takes a while. I will also keep my photography pages so that they will all go together. I will use the second logo because it feels the most professional. Using one dark color feels professional. I will be able to change the color to white and use it on my photographs.

The drafts:


The thumbnail above is of my sketches.

The thumbnail below is of my first draft of vectorized logos.



Branding Identity MockUp Vol8

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