Did you know that retiring increases aging? Read this article to find out more. Keeping your mind busy is great for your health according to that article. If you’re fretting about retirement funds, just keep working! Stay busy.


After reading the article above I pictured old people doing things that young people would do. No more walkers and bingo. The main thing I pictured was old people. If I would have had more time I would have created something similar to the sketches below. The old lady dancing is my favorite. It this were to be a poster the text could be easier to read. The editorial illustration needed to also look good small. I stuck to something more simple.



This project is more simple, but I think it’s eye catching. If it were a thumbnail I would be curious what the article was about. The bright pinks make it seem more hip and fun. The pink lipstick would be a color that a grandma would wear.

Last Project:

This was one of my last projects as a BYU-Idaho student. I’ve learned so much from the vector graphics class. It wasn’t required for my degree, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I could spend all of my time working on projects. I’m excited to use what I’ve learned in this class after I graduate.

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