The Childrens Gummy Bear Multivitamin project is finished. I chose to redesign the equate Childrens Gummy Multivitamins. There are a few vitamin companies out there that will need designers. I would enjoy being a designer for a company that sales nutritious items. A vitamin bottle is the perfect redesign product to incorporate into my portfolio.

Book by Kaylie Connolly


These vitamins are for children, but the parents are the buyer. I will make the design of this project reach out to mothers and fathers. It will be a cute classy design that will stand out from the other packages. The age of the mothers and fathers will be from 25 to 45. The children target group is ages 4 to 9.


Within the last decade gummy vitamins have become very popular.  Children love candy and these vitamins taste and look like candy. There are many different brands of gummy vitamins like Disney and Little Critters. My package will be bolder than the competing brands.


The goal I have for my redesign is to increase sells. The original label is white with little color. The equate brand vitamin is the cheaper option, but sometimes the Little Critters brand wins because of the appealing colors. Creating a classier design will get the parents to buy the equate Childrens Gummy Bear Multivitamins.


The biggest challenges I had while working on this project was printing. The first time I printed the label the bears background would not show up. When I went to print my booklet the pictures were very pixelated. I realized I needed to save pdf’s of my illustrator files and place them as the pictures.


My favorite part of this project was creating the ad. I went and purchased a festive magazine and placed the ad in it.

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