This week I’ve been working on my infographic about tulips. See my sketches and how this project got started here. The last couple day’s I started vectorizing my sketches. The infographic will be very long and skinny. My final infographic will be laid out differently than in the image below.


To create the tulip I used the ellipse and shape builder tool. I knew I wanted to show value in the tulip so I used different hues/saturation of the colors. The tulip on the left side in the picture below is an example of how I will do my graph. The graph will be about tulip festivals. Specifically the number of bulbs each tulip festival plants. Holland would have one of the biggest slices of tulip and then will range from little slivers. The little slivers will represent smaller tulip festivals such as the Thanksgiving Point Tulip festival in Lehi Utah.


A plate with a fork and knife might feel out of place next to a tulip, but tulips can actually be eaten! During WWII they used tulips in bread, salad dressings, wine and can still be used as an onion substitute today. To create the fork I used rectangles. Then I changed the stroke width of the line for the handles of the knife and fork. In order to make the blade of the knife I had to also click “alt” to make only one side rounded.


Bulbs & Background 

I think I would like to show bulbs in the dirt as the background. I’ll put the onion along with the other food facts near the bottom of the infographic. The bulbs were created also using the stroke width.

Project Timeline

Oct 7 (Wed) –  Research and start sketching information with images
Oct 9 (Fri) – Get feedback on sketches – Refine and simplify sketches
Oct 12 (Mon) – Choose colors
Oct 13 (Wed) – Start Vectorizing images
Oct 24 (Sat) – Clean up and revise vector graphics
Oct 26 (Mon) – Review and add any finishing touches
Oct 28 (Wed) – Present Identity Project

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