The last few weeks I’ve been working on a infographic about tulips. I’ve been researching, sketching and vectorizing my ideas. Since my logo contains a tulip I thought it would be good for viewers to understand more about tulips. Tulips are my favorite flowers. I knew I could be passionate about this topic and enjoy creating an infographic of it. See more infographics on my Pinterest board. You might as well pin my infographic while you’re there.


In order to get smooth sketches I use a pen and a pencil. The pen helps me quickly get my ideas on the paper. A pencil helps me add detail and shadow.

KaylieConnolly_Infographic_Tulips_Design (1 of 3)

There were many more sketches made that would have also been fun to use in my infographic. I chose some of my favorite and most important sketches to vectorize. The most important being Carolus Clusius. He was the first to discover the tulip virus. People tried to steal his tulips since they were worth so much. I created an onion and wine bottle for the Uses heading, but the plate and fork was more simple. Sometimes it’s tempting to go over the top with your ideas, but it’s better to keep your designs clean.


Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 2.58.41 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.19.09 PM









As I’ve mentioned before these vectors were very fun to create. I used solely illustrator to create my infographic. The shape builder tool is very effective. I used different shades of colors to give the bunny more depth and to show the value different of the neck piece. It was tricky to get the hairline just right. The tail of the bunny added just enough touch of detail to make the bunny look very cute.


Layout: The hardest part of this project was laying it all out. I had one petal as the background of each heading, but that looked wrong. Then I put a tulip in the back of the headings, but it still didn’t look quite right. In the end I made the tulip bigger and lowered the opacity and made the heading font larger.

Graph: It was a challenge to portray the information for the graph. Having the information on the petals makes it easier to understand the graph. The dotted lines help draw your eyes to the information.



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